Happy Anniversary, Deep Space Nine!

I guess, I’d be remiss, if I didn’t acknowledge DS9’s 21st anniversary. To me, DS9 is the best of the bunch. I fell for Sisko and crew on that very-first night, Jan. 2, 1993. Don’t get all freaked-out, I like ALL STAR TREK (yes, even these new movies), but, for me, personally, DS9 is just terrific. It was a brand-new concept and the characters were compelling; some of the best character development came from DS9. The first-few years dragged a bit, but so did TNG. (Ugh…the first season, of both shows, is horrible!)

DS9 really got-cookin’, when Worf joined the fourth season and the Dominion became the ‘new’ threat. I thoroughly enjoyed Garak (my favorite) and Nog; watching them progress from secondary-characters to beloved-mainstays, was fascinating. The relationship Sisko and Jake share, inspired me to be a better parent to my own kids. Dax. Wow, what a tremendous character (ALL of the incarnations) and Sisko’s friendship has with Dax is just fantastic. Odo, Kira, Miles, Julian and Quark are great characters, too; they each came with their own baggage and it was fun to see them shift and become such loyal friends and teammates. Sisko had his hands full, but he brought it all together and he grew to be one of the Federation’s most-intriguing, effectual, unfaltering leaders.

Yeah…I’m a diehard DS9 junkie. I love the book-relaunch and I’m happy with how these characters continue to grow and advance. I miss the old station, but I’m looking-forward to seeing Captain Ro Laren’s stories, on this brand-spanking-new DS9 II.

So, Happy Birthday! You’ve got a loyal ‘Niner, in me




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