IDW’s February Releases: STAR TREK

Greetings, Visionary Trekkers!

I just pulled up TheTrekCollective’s IDW release schedule for February and it looks like we have three new-issues are coming our way…

First, we have Parallel Lives #30; the conclusion to a 2-part ‘ongoing’ story, where the U.S.S. Enterprise is captained by Jane Kirk and all of the iconic roles have switched genders. (I still haven’t seen the first-issue of this story, but it looks ‘fascinating’, to say the least.) It’s written by Mike Johnson, the artwork is by Yasmin Liang, and its cool cover is by Cat Staggs; (you can get a subscription variant photo-cover, also).

Next, we have Khan #5. I’m going to review the first-three issues, shortly; so far, I haven’t been impressed. It just seems like a rehash of other Khan stories. Honestly, though, I am looking-forward to seeing how Adm. Marcus finds Khan/John Harrison and how that story plays out, leading us Into Darkness. This issue is, also-written by Mike Johnson, but the art is by David Messina, and its cover is the work of Paul Shipper; (this, too, has a subscription variant photo-cover).

Lastly, we’ve got The Star Date Collection Vol. 2 Under The Command Of Christopher Pike; this ensemble includes the writing of Ian Edgington, Stuart Moore, Scott Tipton, and David Tipton, with art by Patrick Zircher, J.K. Woodward, and Elena Casagrande. With those names, you know we’re in for a treat. (As with Parallel Lives, I’ve not seen the first-volume of this series! Guess, I need to seek-it-out online. Maybe, this is only a print-version..?)

Also, as I was looking at the new-releases for January, I see a ‘classic’ tale is available: Who Killed Captain Kirk? Vol. 5. This was written by Peter David, adapted by Jason Palmer, with art by Gordon Purcell and Tom Sutton. It’s sure to be a rip-roarin’ adventure, as the crew of the Enterprise tries to solve the case; Kirk’s old-nemesis, Finnegan and the Klingons are front-and-center, to boot.

Well… That’s all I’ve got today. I’m currently reading STAR TREK: VOYAGER ‘Protectors’ by Kirsten Beyer. As with all of Kirsten’s outings, this one is a must-read. I can’t put it down.

‘Til, next time…see ya, out there…

Lt. Eric Cone







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