The Trek Collective’s 2014 Book Release Dates

Greetings, Visionary Trekkers!

Here it is, at the end of January, already! Can you believe it? Weren’t we just-opening presents and watching a 24-hr marathon of A Christmas Story?! I’ve already-read five books, with two-more underway! I’m currently #ReadingInSpanishFork, Kirsten Beyer’s phenomenal STAR TREK VOYAGER novel, ‘Protectors’. (I’m also-reading Jo Nesbø’s first Harry Hole thriller ‘The Bat’; a series, which is just-now reaching critical-acclaim in the US. I’ve been a fan, for several years, now.)

But, I’m getting off-track, a bit, though… I am writing this to bring you TheTrekCollective‘s 2014 STAR TREK release dates, for books. Folks, we’ve got some really-good novels and novellas coming-up this year. You name it and, well…it’s somewhere on the calendar; (except for, Peter David; I didn’t see any new stuff, with his name on it). I long-for some New Frontier action, ya know…some good Capt. Calhoun intrigue and humor, as-only Peter does it.

That being said, I do see some returning players, as-well-as, some new names. We’ve got Greg Cox (‘The Q Continuum’) bringing us a TOS: Kirk/VOYAGER: Seven of Nine crossover. There’s Jeffrey Lang (‘Immortal Coil’) ramping-up one-‘heeeelluva’-ride for us, in July, with the only Data story we’re going to see for a loooong time. You’ve got David R. George III (The Fall: ‘Revelation and Dust’) giving us some TOS Lost Era. Plus, we’ve got David Mack (Vanguard: ‘Harbinger’ and The Fall: ‘A Ceremony of Losses’), launching the first SEEKERS book, in August, followed by Dayton Ward (‘From History’s Shadow’ and The Fall: ‘Peaceable Kingdoms’) again, teaming-up with Kevin Dilmore (‘Foundations’ and Vanguard: ‘Summon the Thunder’) for the second SEEKERS novel, in September.

Some new writers are emerging, as well. Look for Paula Block and Terry J. Erdmann’s (STAR TREK: ‘The Original Topp’s Trading Card Series’ and DS9: ‘Companion’) first-‘fiction’ collaboration, about DS9 and Quark, in November(?). I have it, from Paula, herself, that the title in the TheTrekCollective‘s article “got a little garbled in the transcription” and it’s actually ‘Lust’s Latinum Lost (and Found)’. I’m hearing some hints, that there’s comedy to be found amid these pages…

Never fear, there’s more Greg Cox (The Eugenics Wars series), Christopher L. Bennett (ENTERPRISE: Rise of the Federation ‘A Choice of Futures’), Una McCormack (DS9: ‘Hollow Men’ and The Fall: ‘The Crimson Shadow’), Kirsten Beyer (VOYAGER: ‘The Eternal Tide’), David Mack (The Destiny Series) and Michael A. Martin (ENTERPRISE: ‘The Romulan War’); plus, a whole-slew of others. There’s sure to be something to satiate your particular appetite for adventure and excitement.

But, I’d be remiss, if I didn’t give a shoutout to my friends at VisionaryTrek and The Captain’s Table… Michael Clark and Sina have some very entertaining, insightful and funny interviews, with today’s leading STAR TREK authors, as well; discussing all-manner of geekery with these phenomenally-gifted writers. I thoroughly enjoy listening to them mix-it-up; giving us scoops on new stuff, rehashing their current-fare and telling-tales about how they got started in the biz.

Well, folks, checkout the link for TheTrekCollective yourself, then head on over to VisionaryTrek to get the latest on your favorite author, as-well-as the latest news, reviews (The Holodeck ) and, of course, gossip.

That’s it for me, gang. ‘Til, next-time, I’ll see ya…

…out there.

Lt. Eric Cone


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