STAR TREK #29: ‘Parallel Lives’

This pretty-good stuff! Not what I expected from the ‘Mirror Universe’. No goateed-Spock or sultry, knife-wielding Uhura, here. Yes, this mirror is turned upside-down, inside-out and, Kirk’s a woman!! Not your grandpa’s Star Trek, for sure!

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Greetings, Visionary Trekkers!

I’m convalescing, today; my back is in serious distress, so I’m lying on the couch with my heating-pad, drinking wine, trying to endure the pain, and…catching-up on comics! What’s a guy to do, eh? Besides, it’s cold (and snowing), here, in Utah; plus-the whole-state (it seems) is on lockdown, after a bank robbery and a couple of deputies were shot. (Details are still sketchy…) I figured, my best-bet, was to see what all of this Jane Kirk stuff was about.

Yes. I said Jane Kirk, as in, Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk. This is IDW’s latest-issue in the ongoing series and it’s not bad; just…kinda crazy. Think ‘Mirror Universe’ with a significant twist! All of the sexes have switched. All of the events leading-up to Part 1’s ending have been the same, except…Khan was a woman! Jane Kirk’s mother was the captain of the Kelvin’s, whom sacrifices…

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