‘Thanks’: To All Of You Who Bring Me What I Love

Hello Friends…

So, today, I listened to my first-episode of Keith R. A. DeCandido‘s Dead Kitchen Radio podcast; this was a tribute to his friend Josepha Sherman, who passed-away in Aug. of 2012. I didn’t know Jo Sherman, but I was saddened by her passing, as well; she co-wrote some of my favorite STAR TREK novels, along-with Susan Schwartz. (‘Vulcan’s Glory’, ‘Vulcan’s Heart’ and the time-spanning trilogy, ‘Vulcan’s Soul’.) I have been reading ST fiction for going-on 24 years and these authors are my ‘heroes’, ya know; they are ‘part of my collective’, as it were. When they pass (as did A. C. Crispin, in Sept. 2013), or befall to life’s maladies (Peter David’s sudden-stroke, in 2013), it hits me, like it would if they were a member of my family; (especially, now that I’m FB friends with dozens of them). Today’s episode (it released in Sept. of 2012) was insightful and Keith showed me facets of Jo that I’d never seen before; for that, I thank and applaud him. It was a heartfelt tribute and a poignant remembrance, to someone we both admired.

In listening, Keith talked about some of their collaborations; one, being the STAR TREK: New Frontier anthology ‘No Limits’, (in-which Keith was the Associate Editor), where you’ll find Josepha writing a story of her own, solo, titled ‘Turning Point’. Jo’s story deals with a young Si Cwan on Thallon, during his family’s reign. (Keith, too, contributed to this great anthology, with a Soleta tale called ‘Revelations’, but, he also-compiled the New Frontier timeline at the anthology’s end, in-addition to his editing credits).

In revisiting the anthology, this evening, I read Peter David’s introduction. (Pad was the Editor, by the way.) This is something I would do normally, but before I began writing this blog or, reviewing ST comics for VisionaryTrek, the behind-the-scenes stuff went in one eye and out of the brain, before I reached the historical notes, the prologue or chapter-one. Now, I’m paying more-attention to these things, as I need to give credit to these mostly unknown-souls, who bring it all together, for us. That’s what inspired this blog-entry, tonight.

See, I came across a tidbit (that I remembered, vaguely, from past-readings of author intros), that I had tucked-away in the back of my brain; that place where you store useless information, (as, it’s always had little-interest, to me). I just want to get on with the story, ya know! Yeah, yeah…I get it; the authors need to thank those who brought them the help, concepts, support, etc. to get the book into my hands. Who cares? Well, now…I do and, you should, too. Without these unknowns out there crackin’ those whips and demanding those deadlines be met, we wouldn’t have these books, to begin with.

As I go deeper, and-deeper, into the ocean, that-is writing, publishing and marketing, I’m finding new-found respect for these people; like John Ordover, Paula Block, Marco Palmieri, Robert Greenberger and, even the KRAD, himself, (just to name a scant-few). As I re-read Peter’s introduction, tonight, that tidbit (I mentioned above), was that John Ordover helped conceive my favorite ST series: New Frontier. In my mind, I began writing a ‘Thank you’ letter to John; I wanted to say, ‘Hey! Dude! Thanks, for helping in the creation and concept of this awesome series, these phenomenal characters, and this irreverent, funny, thought-provoking take, on my favorite thing in this whole-world!’ (Of course, Pad is to be thanked and given accolades, as well; for-which, I have, on his own blogsite.)

So, I finished David Mack’s story, ‘Waiting for G’Doh…’ (a funny-as-hell Zak Kebron romp) and, I decided to give John’s FB page a quick-look, so I can message him…. Guess-what, there’s no message button. I slither-around his page and try to find a website or, a blog, anything, where I can post my thanks. Finding nothing there, I Googled him (I mean, that’s what we ALL do, right?) and, still-nothing! Now, I’m getting aggravated; after-all, I just want to thank this guy. (Don’t misconstrue: I understand some of these folks’s need for privacy. I’d hide from me, too!)

Look… Behind DS9, New Frontier is my favorite STAR TREK series! Hell, I’ve got two figures on my desk, at work: Captain Benjamin Sisko (Hallmark) and ST: Communicator’s Special Limited-Edition Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. No James T. Kirk (I do have the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701, though) or, Picard, no Janeway…no Jonathan Archer, either. (I’d take my Hallmark DS9 with its Hallmark miniatures series, to work, but I’m afraid someone would kyfe it, ya know.) I want to convey my admiration to John, but can’t. So…how do you thank someone, who, obviously, doesn’t want to be contacted (by some nut, like me), who, apparently, doesn’t want my thanks? You don’t, through normal channels, anyway…

You blog.

Yeah…Mr. Ordover (and, others) may see this or, they may not; either-way, I’ve said what I needed to say and it’s out here. To ALL of those ‘unknown’ unsung-heroes, who work tirelessly to bring me (and, you) our favorite things, in the printed-word, whether it be books, comics, magazines, whatever: ‘Thank you’ one-and-all, for ALL that you do.

With that, I’m done here. ‘Til, next-time, I’ll see ya….out there.

Lt. Eric Cone




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