previews New Life and New Civilizations.

Thanks, Dayton. You guys are the stars, I just got the privilege of putting my toes in your pond. It was a lot of fun and there may be another article forthcoming. Other contributors have expressed their desire to participate. I want this book to succeed; judging by our record-breaking traffic on the site today, I’m not alone. Thanks for your support and feedback.

The Fog of Ward.

Fan site has posted a lengthy preview of Sequart’s forthcoming New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics, including quotes from several of the anthology’s contributors.

(Why, yes, that does in fact mean me, too. Thanks for asking.)

Writer Eric Cone took some time to collect some brief snippets from a bunch of us, and ordered all of that madness into something which made a lick of sense, in order to provide folks with a nice picture of what’s coming your way later this summer. That Eric was able to wrangle so many of us without resorting to threats or violence is a testament to his cat herding skills. Read all about it!

Visionary Trek: New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics


Thanks very much to Eric and the rest of the Visionary Trek crew for pimping us out a little bit!

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