So, You’re Going To Try To Quit… Just STOP!

I decided to stop smoking on Facebook. Why not? Seemed like the thing to do, as I’d tried to quit smoking on Twitter, last year, and…well, I didn’t quit. I’ve tried to quit countless-times in my life, only to fail every time I lit one up. So, why FB? And…why was I successful, this time?

I’d been at work and I had been on my 15-minute break (ya know, power-lunging those two cigarettes); afterwards, I had a meeting with one of the bosses. I noticed that they had discreetly put their hand over their nose, by their mouth and they had leaned away from me, as well. I could smell it, then, too; I fucking reeked! Now…I should back up a bit – I’d seen the Smoking Kids video back in January and it was pretty-powerful, in motivating me, then. This decision had been on my mind, see; the work incident just-nailed it. Plus, I must add another factor: Leonard Nimoy was a big inspiration, as it was only-logical (being a Trekkie AND a Star Trek character-namesake, in my own right), to follow Mr. Spock’s advice and give them up.

Why didn’t I see this before?

That very afternoon, I sent a status out to FB, asking for hints and tips from people who have quit. Man, the responses were awesome (gum, sex, sunflower seeds, you name it), but the one truth, was this: you have to want to quit! Well…I took that premise a step further.

You have to want to STOP.

Easy. And, I mean it…it’s easy!

So, after the posts, I had a FB friend tell me in an inbox message, that we should quit together. Cool! We made a plan…er – so I thought. We had so many packs of smokes, between us, to last over the weekend and we were to quit when they were depleted. That was St. Patrick’s Day (for me). My back was killing me that day and I was running out of cigs. I did not want to go get more. I had a plan, too…

I was soaking in a hot tub and made up my mind – (now, I’d done this many times over the years, right?) I got out of the tub, went into the living room and lit-up… I had 6 smokes left. I looked at that nasty fucker in my hand, swirling that noxious gray cloud and something clicked: “I hate you.” I said. “When I’m done with you, I will never put another one in my mouth, again.” It was surprising how calm I was. I took the remaining smokes and slowly crushed them to pieces in my hand, as I finished that last cigarette.

I went right on FB and I declared my independence! Here’s my status:

“33 Years A Slave… Today, I break-free of the shackles that have held me captive, and say: ENOUGH! You DO NOT own ME, any longer! I AM DONE! I’ve got this!

I just put the last cigarette to these lips…”

That’s it. I was done! I had cravings (I still do/am…), but one thing is different: I don’t have the want anymore. Another FB post:

“I think people give in to the craving because they say: ‘I want a cigarette, so bad, I can taste it!’
I keep saying: ‘I never want to taste another cigarette, again, in my life!’ I’m done and I’m beating it.”

So…here’s what you do:
1) Make up your mind to STOP!
2) DO NOT ‘Try To Quit’…Just STOP!
3) Declare it loud and clear! Chant it! *Never give up! Never surrender!*
4) Let Life Savers be your life saver.
5) Let your friends help you.
6) Change your profile avi, cover photo.
7) Add a Life Event: I Stopped Smoking.
8) Post #SmokeFree and #IGotThis…
10) Do or do not! There is no try! *Great advice, there, Yoda*

You CAN do this. #IGotThis #SmokeFree TODAY! Now! STOP!
And, don’t tell people you’ve quit: tell them the truth: You Stopped.

Good luck…

PS: I hope my FB friend (with the plan), sees this and knows he’s not alone and, I will be there to help him succeed.





2 thoughts on “So, You’re Going To Try To Quit… Just STOP!

  1. This is wonderful, Eric! What you’ve done is so important not only for you, but also for the world. Your name is Success!

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