The Return Of The Six Million Dollar Man

James Kuhoric announced on FB today, that the first issue of The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six has SOLD OUT. Dynamite Comics has ordered a second-printing of this breakout hit. My copies are ordered…

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Well, Pals, I’m about to say something that is going to shock-the-living-Hell, right out of all of you…. Here goes: there’s something I love more than Star Trek.


Yes, you heard me right. From the earliest-days of my childhood, from the moment it debuted (March 7, 1973), I have loved The Six Million Dollar Man; (even-more than Superman, Batman and The Hulk combined). I was three-months shy of my 7th birthday, but it’s something I still recall vividly; my dad watched this groundbreaking pilot-episode with me and it’s impact on my young gray-matter was immediate; it’s been a mainstay in my life, ever-since. I was Colonel Steve Austin, Astronaut… The world’s-first bionic man. I had the Steve Austin action-figure, the Bionic Transport and Repair Station, as-well-as, Oscar Goldman (yup, with his exploding briefcase) and, of course, I had Maskatron. (You can keep your Star Wars toys…)…

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2 thoughts on “The Return Of The Six Million Dollar Man

    • I’m currently working on the review for Issue 2, as I reply to your comment… Here’s a taste: (Oscar Goldman’s voice) “Last time on The Six Million Dollar Man…”

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