You’re Going To Try To Quit… Just STOP!

It seems I’ve inspired some people around this big rock, to STOP smoking those cigarettes. I HAVE STOPPED on FB and You can too…

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I decided to stop smoking on Facebook. Why not? Seemed like the thing to do, as I tried to quit smoking on Twitter, last year, and…well, I didn’t quit. I’ve tried to quit countless-times in my life, only to fail every time I lit one up. So, why FB? And…why was I successful, this time?

I’d been at work and I had been on my 15-minute break (ya know, power-lunging those two cigarettes); afterwards, I had a meeting with one of the bosses. I noticed that they had discreetly put their hand over their nose, by their mouth and they had leaned away from me, as well. I could smell it, then, too; I fucking reeked! Now…I should back up a bit – I’d seen the Smoking Kids video back in January and it was pretty-powerful, in motivating me, then. This decision had been on my mind, see; the…

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