Happy Birthday, Batman!

Yep, Gothamites… Today marks Batman/Bruce Wayne’s 75th Anniversary and I would be remiss, if I didn’t give my favorite superhero a shoutout. (Yes, I know…I use Supes for this blog’s cover picture, but, only-because there isn’t a picture of Batman, with a Gator on his chest…)

I like Batman. He’s cool, cunning and his name-alone, sends fear through the hearts of his enemies. He relies on no superpowers; he is a human being. Bruce Wayne dons that cowl and cape and transforms into a vigilante who uses his brain, logic and, yes – some badass toys, to best the scourge of Gotham City.

And, Batman has had some really entertaining, if-not, persistant baddies to foil during his 75 year crime-fighting career: Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Bane, Two-Face, Riddler…himself. It’s true, Batman and Bruce Wayne have battled one-another, at times; but Batman always manages to rise to the occasion, to patrol the rooftops and fly, again, through the dark streets and alleys of Gotham City.

Batman has had a lot of backup over the decades, as well: Robin, in his many incarnations, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara, Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, and – yes, even Batman’s foes will side with the Dark Knight, if it’s to their advantage… One thing remains true, though; Batman doesn’t need anyone, in the end, because, well – he’s Batman.

My favorite Detective Comics character has changed and evolved in many ways over these past 75 years, but he’s always remained true to his core, throughout: if you commit a crime in Gotham City, Batman’s comin’ for ya – and, he WILL find you. Make no mistake.

So, today, I say: “Thank you,” to Bob Kane and Bill Finger, for starting it all on March 30, 1939. Out of all of the superhero comics I own, Batman reigns supreme – (I just counted them and I have 75 covers and I just finished purchasing BATMAN: No Man’s Land a few-weeks, ago).





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