Item on Bucket List fulfilled… Check

I have been collecting comic books for 40-odd years and I’ve always wanted one of my questions answered in the letter’s page of one… That HAPPENED today; my God! But I was so blown-away by Tony Shasteen’s art and Mike Johnson’s story, that it didn’t hit me until later today!! I’m so unbelievably honored, that my dream was fulfilled in their comic; more-so, that it’s Star Trek, (not to mention, a DS9 comic crossover; my favorite series) AND – that my EXCLUSIVE review of the previous issue (#35) was acknowledged in my question’s submission.

Wow! I mean, Capt. Benjamin Sisko is the only ‘series’ captain I have on my desk, at work; (I have the Communicator Magazine special edition Capt. Mackenzie Calhoun, as well; but he’s not ‘canon’). Plus, the cover of this issue features Sisko prominently, along with the ‘new’ Kirk and Spock! I have no problem defending these newest-movies, and I can’t begin to comprehend the fact that I’m mentioned in this latest-issue. I’m just over-the-moon, and I had to share.

Totally awesome!

#‎OpenChannels‬ ‪#‎TheQGambitIssue2‬




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