Salt Lake Comic Con Breaks Records!

The press release has come, affirming what I had already suspected: We busted our previous con records by a mile! On Saturday, the Salt Palace Convention Center, the Gateway Theater and the gaming venues saw 90,000 fans, forcing the fire marshal to declare a lockdown; which – I got caught in, just as I was about to reenter the convention center around 2:30 pm. Fortunately, I regained entry, but ticket sales were halted at noon, as the building was beyond capacity limits. The numbers released today state that 120,000 attended during the 3-day event; 60,000 attended on the opening day! I know, from my own experience, that Thursday was the busiest I have seen, thus-far! It was incredible!

I’ve seen glowing reviews from many of the stars and guests, that Salt Lake Comic Con is becoming one of their favorite destinations. Joe Corroney posted on his Facebook page: “Thank you Salt Lake Comic Con and the fans for a great time this weekend!” He went on to give Dan Farr and his staff a special Thank you for their graciousness and for putting on a spectacular show, adding, “…this is quickly becoming one of my favorite events of the year.” Concept artist, and prop-master John Eaves of Star Trek fame, plus – many other mega-movies said: “I didn’t want it to end…but I did want to jump out of my booth and see everything!!!!” As I reported yesterday, Stan Lee said that this is the greatest con in the world! With that kind of support, Salt Lake Comic Con is sure to bring in even more stars and comic book talent, in the years to come.

Dan Farr said: “The response we got from fans was tremendous. I’ve said it before and I mean it, we have the greatest fans in the world.” The overwhelming support allowed 15,000 tickets to be given back to the community; schools, military personnel, first responders and charities.

There were 42 film and TV guests in attendance at Salt Lake Comic Con and word is spreading amongst celebrities, that this is a ‘can’t miss event.’ Plus, there were countless authors, comic book creators, artists and writers, as-well-as, movie and television production icons. Also, there was over 300 hours of panels and over 400 vendors; booths sold out weeks before the con’s opening.

From my perspective, (despite the opening day glitches) this was one-helluva show and I was awed by the sheer magnitude of the fans who came out to show their love and support! The panels were spectacular, the celebrities were gracious and accommodating, the participants of Artists’ Alley were phenomenally kind, informative and giving; and – my God, the volunteers were absolutely amazing, as these venues were swarmed by our awesome fans! It’s YOU, who have made this the third-largest con in the country, in less-than a year. These numbers only-guarantee, that bigger names and events can be brought to Salt Lake City, Utah, and – it ensures, that we will continue to reign-supreme as the ‘nerdiest state in the country.’ Take that San Diego Comic-Con! I can’t wait for FanX!!!

‘Til-then, I’ll see ya ‘out there…’

Lt. Eric Cone


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