The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six – TPB

When I first reviewed this, the date marked the two-year anniversary of my blog; so I figured I’d commemorate the occasion by writing about one of my lifelong favorite subjects: The Six Million Dollar Man. In this case, the Season Six TPB (which released on Dec. 24). And, what a beautiful trade it is, too! I was thrilled with how it turned out… 

The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six – ‘It Came From Deep Space’ TPB
Published by: Dynamite Comics
Written by: James Kuhoric
Art by: Juan Antonio Ramirez (issues 1-5) David T. Cabrera (issue 6)
Colored by: Fran Gamboa
Lettered by: Joshua Cozine
Collection Cover by: Alex Ross
Collection Design by: Katie Hidalgo

As you all know, I selected TSMDMS6 as Best Non-Star Trek Comic of the Year in my VisionaryTrek end-of-year review, and Katie Hidalgo has only solidified that standing with this stunning edition’s collection design.

OVERVIEW: Based on the popular 70’s hit TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six picks up where the series ended in 1976. Issue 1 of James Kuhoric‘s highly-anticipated, comic-book series reboot hit the shelves March 12, 2014; it quickly sold out and garnered a second printing. With what has become an iconic first-issue cover by Alex Ross, The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six grabbed the attention of diehard fans around the globe from page one and instantaneously turned us all into kids, again.

THE STORY AND ART: While it’s no secret that I have been disappointed with some of the art by Ramirez (and- subsequently, by David T. Cabrera, who took up the slack in Issue 5), I have sung the praises of Jim Kuhoric, (to anyone who would listen), for his exceptional story and the fun it’s brought to all of us. A fan of the show(s), himself, James knows this series, and it’s beloved characters, like the back of his hand. Writing a brilliant episodic-story, Kuhoric brings back many fan favorites, while incorporating new elements into the mix, that we had only dreamed of in our childhood backyards; namely – Col. Steve Austin’s never-before-seen [on TV] arch-nemesis, MASKATRON!! 

It’s no wonder, then, that fanboys were giddy with excitement, as this critically-acclaimed series neared its publication date!

The gang’s all here, too! Steve, Jaime, Oscar Goldman, Dr. Rudy Wells; we even get a few glimpses of Bigfoot, as this series leaves no stone unturned! This series relaunch is jam-packed with action and adventure, plenty of twists and turns, loads of that famous Steve Austin tongue-in-cheek wit, and – let us not forget the main ingredient: BIONICS, Pal! Yeah…the world’s first bionic man (and – woman, Jaime Sommers) are tested to their bionically-enhanced, slo-mo limits (complete with sound effects and bionic eye reticles) as their futures are jeopardized by a slew of villains, spies, robots, and – yes, aliens.

Kuhoric has thrown in an impressive roster of guest-stars iconic to the series, as well: Oliver Spencer (from the first pilot, ‘The Moon and the Desert), Barney Hiller (aka: The Seven Million Dollar Man), Dr. Joan Anderson, Callahan, Carla, Dr. Dolenz, and many more; plus – terrific new characters that we’ve never seen before.

The only disappointment here, is that his original 18-issue arc was slashed to the six issues in this TPB! Shame on YOU, Dynamite! PLEASE allow James to continue his work…

As for this TPB, these six issues are beautifully bound-together in vivid, hi-def color, telling this awesome story as it was meant to be seen; including a few modifications to the art (for which, I’m proud to say, I helped bring about, listing some suggestions I had, which – James listened to). These minimal changes set-right a few minor glitches from their original publications. For instance: in Issue 1, when we first see him in the lab, MASKATRON’s face has been changed to its more-familiar action-figure likeness.

But, that’s not all! This graphic novel includes all of those phenomenal Alex Ross covers (using them to separate each issue within).

In-addition, we get all of the Ken Haeser and Blair Smith Li’l Bionics covers (Issue 4 is my pick for this comic book’s Best Cover), as-well-as, all of the variant covers, photo covers and, that second-printing cover for Issue 1, by Roberto Castro and Ivan Nunes! Also-included, are James Kuhoric’s notes for Issue 1, which – for a novice, like me, I found fascinating reading.

OVERALL: The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six is well worth your time and money; whether you’re a fan of the show, or not. I have to say, I’m very pleased with this final product, and I’m very impressed with the hard work and effort Katie Hidalgo put into ‘making it so’ (Sorry, I couldn’t resist inserting the obligatory Star Trek connection…)

I’m very proud to call most-everyone involved with this terrific graphic novel ‘pals’.

James Kuhoric, in particular, has been nothing but kind, and gracious, in allowing us to participate in this spectacular comic’s run; listening to our gripes, and – accolades, alike. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention John S. Drew and Paul K. Bissom (both of whom, received a nod for their support of this project, in the TPB’s credits). You can listen to their interview with James Kuhoric, about this comic’s behind-the-scenes origins, on Cyborgs – A Bionic Podcast: Critical Assignment.

See y’all next time!

Eric GatorOne Cone


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