Free Comic Book Day Update…

As you’re most-likely aware – if you aren’t, read on – Free Comic Book Day will be celebrated on Saturday, May 2nd, at comic book shops all around the USA! That’s just 23 days away! 

Deborah Moreland, (the PR and Marketing Associate of Diamond Comics Distributors) updated me about their new store locator a couple of months ago. It’s easy! Click the link, enter your zip code, and the locator will give you details on comic shops within your community, as well as FCBD events and information; the site is being updated daily. 

Me… Well, I plan on spending the morning taking the Frontrunner up to Salt Lake City, so I can participate with the great folks at Salt Lake Comic Con. Then, it’s back home and checking-in with my friends at The Dragon’s Keep, in Provo. 

So! Get your ‘plan of action’ into high-gear and take your kids out to your local comic book store on May 2nd, and enjoy some honest-to-goodness fun! And, of course – FREE COMICS!

While you’re all here, I read a great article by John Dudas, of Sequart Organization, ‘Amazon Did Not Kill the Comic Shop (or, How My Daughter Saved The Comic Shop.’ Not only, does his article give you some great numbers on the increase in comic shops (from Diamond Comics Distributors) over the past year; but he gives great reasons why you should get to know your local comic book shops – and, include your kids! It’s interesting reading. 

A couple of weeks ago, someone on a Facebook comic collecting page asked for advice on how to collect for their kids. John Dudas’s article (above) touches on this, as well; but, as a comic book review writer, myself, I came up with Five Basic Rules (which – were well-received by the group’s members…)

Rule #1: Buy what appeals to your kids. Their love for comics will grow from there.

Rule #2: Buy comics that appeal to you, then read your selections with your kids. Their love for comics will be shared.

Rule #3: Let your kids get to know your local comic book store, and frequent it often; get to know your comic book dealers, start a hold for your kids, and for yourself.

Rule #4: Read the credits, familiarize yourself (and your kids) with the behind-the-scenes workings of how a comic book evolves, into what you’re holding in your hands.


Rule #5: Have Fun!!

Well, that’s it, for me!

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’


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