Why I’m a ‘Dormaniac’ – and, didn’t even know it. 

I’m a friend of Dave Dorman, which makes me a ‘Dormaniac’ – at least, that’s what I’ve been labeled as being, on the Fans of Dave Dorman Art page.

To honor his fan-page reaching 200 members, Mickey K. Thompson (a Dormaniac, himself) has started a series; asking us to answer these questions: Why am I a Dormaniac? What is my favorite Dave Dorman piece? Finally, if I could ask Dave to paint a scene (anything), what would it be?

Dave Dorman is known, most-notably, for his Star Wars work at Dark Horse; but he’s had an impressive career in other genre’s, as well. Batman, Indiana Jones, Aliens; plus – the Young Jedi Knights and Han Solo series’ paperbacks, as well as trading cards of various series.

Even though the moniker (Dormaniac) is new, to me, I have been a fan of Dave for a long, long time. The cover for the comic-book adaptation of Batman Returns (above) has been hanging on my walls for nearly 25 years. 

I was quite thrilled when Dave accepted my friend request, several months ago; I was beyond giddy, when I realized he is a standing – indeed, honored member, on my own Facebook fan-page: Batman Past, Present, Future! So, you can imagine that I was ‘over the moon’ for the chance to actually meet Dave in-person, while he was a recent guest at Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX, in January. 

Why am I an Dormaniac? Because Dave Dorman is a class act! Plus – he was in a Batman shirt! You don’t get any cooler, than that!

Anyway, he greeted me, and fellow-journalist, Jeremiah Michael Stewart, with a genuine smile and a handshake, sincere in his delight to meet us, (as much as we were to meet him). Dave was truly excited to know that he was a member on my page, as well. He, then, allowed us to interview him on his work and a myriad of topics, giving us honest, down-to-earth answers and insights.

What is my favorite Dave Dorman piece of art? While there are many in Dave’s vast portfolio to choose from, I’m a Batman fan… Well, you see it – ‘Batman vs Darth Vader’ is my favorite. Absolutely epic! In fact, Dave was only too happy to sign one of these prints at the con, for me. It was a great meeting; one I’ll remember for a long time. 

After our meeting, I paid tribute to Dave Dorman on my Batman page, by posting a number of his well-known pieces of Batman art. What a great guy, and – what a wealth of talent. 

What scene would I like to see Dave Dorman paint? First, and-foremost, I am a Trekkie. This weekend, we mourned the passing of Star Trek‘s soul, Spock; only, this time, there’s no katra to transfer, and no movie will bring Leonard Nimoy back. I would love to see Dave paint a picture of Spock (Leonard Nimoy) being greeted by his father, Sarek (Mark Lenard) and mother, Amanda (Jane Wyatt), in Sha Ka Ree (Vulcan Heaven). 

I’ll just leave it right there… 

Live long and prosper, Dave. I’m proud to be a Dormaniac, and – your friend. 


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