Did you know, that on May 13, 2015, Star Trek will have boldly gone nowhere [on television] for the past 10 years; as that was the last time an episode of Enterprise aired, in 2005. That’s a decade, folks, without a single new Star Trek on the small screen!  That’s remarkable, if-not, depressing, considering the popularity of JJ Abrams ‘new’ Star Trek films. Oh, sure – the diehard fans are the first to bitch and moan about them; but, they are also the first ones in the seats, and like them, or – not, they will be the first one’s there, again, in 2016, when Star Trek 3 hits the theaters for the 50th anniversary. 

Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve been noticing a trend (especially, amongst these young ‘next generation’ Trekkies) as they’re giving the ‘old’ Trek a new infusion of interest, as they’re streaming everything onto their computers and devices, then, blogging and commenting on what they’re watching with gusto. And, their daddy’s, too, are likewise giving shows (they previously hated), new respect, as well. Deep Space Nine and Enterprise are two series that I see discussed on a daily-basis. There’s even a group of folks who are trying to bring Enterprise back, and – it has been getting traction. Indeed, I just read an article by Will Nguyen, at TrekNews (shared on Facebook by Star Trek gurus Michael and Denise Okuda, no less), about why you should give Enterprise a chance, and the arguments were compelling. 

The interest for this fifth (albeit, short-lived) Star Trek series must still be out there…right? I mean, Pocket Books just released Christopher L. Bennett’s third novel in ‘The Rise of the Federation’ series, last Tuesday (March 24th), thus continuing the Enterprise series’s run. Sadly, ‘Uncertain Logic’ is only the ninth novel to be published, since the show went off the air. That’s less than one book a year, in the 10 years it’s been gone. 

(Note: You could conceivably include David Mack’s ‘Destiny’ trilogy, too; Mack utilizes Enterprise’s Captain Erika Hernandez and her ship, Columbia, and their fates are at its core.) 

Yes, there’s renewed interest in the show, and it can be argued that the producers screwed the pooch with the direction they took the series in (don’t even get me started on the whole Xindi thing); but Pocket seems to be trying to do the right thing. No, the books aren’t ‘canon’, however the novels are trying to fix the damage that Enterprise left us with (Tripp’s death and that whole ‘These Are The Voyages’ farce-of-a-series-finale). They’re telling us stories we wanted to see, to begin with, about the Romulan War and how the Federation rose up to be the great and noble entity that we know it to be, today. Despite its flaws (and, that horrible theme song), Enterprise is a good series, and it’s well-worth watching. 

Here’s my beef, though: If viewership is on the rise, and the books are still trickling in, why – then, can’t we get an Enterprise comic-book series?

Last year, Joseph F. Berenato released his fascinating, in-depth anthology New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics, from Sequart; but it was missing a crucial piece – ENTERPRISE! There hasn’t been a single comic-book release for this series, in Enterprise’s nearly 15-year history! 

I have dozens of Star Trek comics adorning my walls; from Pike’s era to Janeway’s, spanning seven publishers; including crossovers from Doctor Who, to the current TOS/The Planet of the Apes, to the Mirror Universe, and – everything in between! Hell, I’ve even got six New Frontier issues, and – it wasn’t even a television series, for crying out loud!!! 

Right now, is the time to correct this intolerable omission and give ENTERPRISE the respect it deserves!

Under the brillliant leadership at IDW Publishing, Star Trek comics are HOT! I’ll give you three recent examples: Harlan Ellison’s ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’, Mike Johnson’s ‘The Q Gambit’ and ‘The Primate Directive’ by Scott and David Tipton. With the likes of JK Woodward (City), Tony Shasteen (Q Gambit) and Rachael Stott (TOS/Apes) doing exceptional art, these comics are flying off of the shelves! 

IDW… Now, is the time to step-up. Put together a blockbuster writing and editing team, sit your best artists down at their drawing-boards and easels, then – put out one the best comic-book series you’ve produced, thus-far: ENTERPRISE! Let’s rectify this shameful oversight and give this series it’s day in a full-blown extravaganza! 

Here’s a tidbit for ya to gnaw on while you contemplate this proposal: Enterprise is the only series that hasn’t been affected by the JJ reboots, so there’s no chance of mucking-up any time paradoxes or alternate universe realities his movies have created. You’re free and clear to navigate, so…

ENTERPRISE the hell out of us!

If you agree, please sign the petition: IDW…ENTERPRISE us!

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’

Lt. Eric Cone 


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