Is your time valuable to you? Do you get upset if your time is wasted? Does it just gnaw at you, if you have to wait and wait and wait, consistently, for others to get back with you; whether it be an appointment, a phone call, a text, a message, an email? When you spend your time and effort on a project, only to feel unappreciated or undervalued by your peers and family, does it just irk the shit out of you? 

My time is valuable; especially when I’m spending it on something that I’m not getting paid for. I work a full-time job, I help run the household with daily chores and such, I spend my spare time reading and writing, trying to keep up with the times; but I hate it when my time seems wasted, or of no importance to others. I really hate it when I’m told: “I’m busy! I don’t have time to be bothered…” Well, that’s the gist, isn’t it? 

I spent my time wisely, today; I was able to accomplish a lot of tasks that are important to me – if they weren’t, why bother, right. I finished a book and started another, in a series that holds great value to me; for research, of course. I wrote a nice article and used interview notes from a couple of well-respected figures in the publishing industry (which garnered some nice feedback from them); I felt very good about it when I submitted it. I even managed to do the mountain of laundry that had been piling-up – we have 12 people under this roof, so it doesn’t take long for it to overwhelm. (Yes, my time and effort on that task was greatly appreciated and acknowledged.) 

All-in-all, I thought I spent my time off from work, working on things that were of importance, to me; possibly of importance to others, as well. I set my goals and I met them. I looked over what I have done these past two days with a sense of pride and accomplishment So…why do I feel like I have wasted my time – again? Why do I feel like I’m being ignored and beneath notice. 

Look, we’re all busy. We all have things that keep us occupied and our time is important. But, a simple reply, an acknowledgement, a mere ‘thank you, for your time’ goes a long way, in making me feel as if MY time hasn’t been wasted. If you TRULY appreciate what I do; if you GENUINELY value my time and effort (which comes at no cost to you); if you CARE one iota about my respect and loyalty to something that is bigger than ALL of us, then – by God, SHOW ME! 

If not, well…it’s just a waste of my time. 


3 thoughts on “Time…

  1. As a stranger, I’m showing you that I read your blog, thought about what you wrote, and decided there must be people in your world who truly appreciate you. It’s true that many people just do not ‘get’ how simple it is to improve our daily experiences. Saying thank you, looking people in the eye, smiling… listening… all make the day worthwhile. I’m hoping this has.

    • Indeed, it does, my friend. Thank you for your kind words, and for taking a moment to read and respond. Truthfully, I don’t read my blog feed as often as I’d like; my work schedule doesn’t allow much time for it.

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