‘The Q Gambit’ Paid Huge Dividends

 I’ve just finished re- reading The Q Gambit – in its entirety, thanks to its compilation by Justin Eisinger, Alonzo Simon (Edits) and Claudia Chong (Design), in Volume 9. This impressively-written, beautifully-rendered Star Trek crossover-adventure is still magical, to me; more so, due to its cover. When I picked it up, Tuesday, I was out running errands with my friend, Christina Cruz, and I didn’t look at it (closely) until I arrived home. Not even, while discussing it with Drew (my friend who runs my local comic-book shop, The Dragon’s Keep); indeed, he was curious if The Q Gambit was worth reading. Of course, I sang it’s praises – as I have from its debut, in Issue 1 of the floppies. Had I just taken a second to look at the back cover; well…I could have summed it up, as IDW Publishing did – (or, rather I did) –  in a single paragraph.

“Mike Johnson has woven a tapestry of incredible brilliance, combining many references and story-plots that are well-known, while warping all of that into a tale that is fresh, rapid-paced, full of adventure and drama, and dares to turn the Alpha Quadrant on its ear.” – VisionaryTrek.com

This volume’s creative team, at IDW, chose the above excerpt from my review of Issue 39 (Part 5), honoring myself, and VT, by placing the blurb on The Q Gambit‘s back cover! As you can well imagine, I’m pretty excited about that. And, I stand by that quote – The Q Gambit is an extraordinary piece of work, both in its writing (by Mike Johnson), and in its art (by Tony Shasteen, and Davide Mastrolonardo*). 

I think it’s safe to say, The Q Gambit will always hold a special place in our hearts at VisionaryTrek.com. With Chapter 1, not only was I able to write an ‘Exclusive First-Look’ review, (for the first time), but, my colleagues – (VT’s co-founders), Michael Clark and Bunny Summers, helped launch IDW’s new OPEN CHANNELS letter’s page; as well as scooping some incredible interviews with writer Mike Johnson and editor Sarah Gaydos. You can find these fascinating discussions on The Holodeck, episodes 39 and 49. I, personally, would like to congratulate Michael and Bunny, for the achievements they’ve brought to VT, and for the strides they’ve gone to make our site a growing success; and thanks to IDW for letting us be a part of your family, as well.

For myself, it was Issue 2 of The Q Gambit, that hit close to home. After nearly 40 years, I finally had a question submitted, and answered, in the very letter’s page – OPEN CHANNELS – that our team helped launch, the prior month! Talk about being excited! It was a dream come true, and a ‘bucket list’ item that I could consider checked-off! That’s, again, thanks to Michael and Bunny, for allowing me to serve the VT family. 

As for the blurb being used on the back of this outstanding graphic novel, well…that’s just the crowning achievement, for all of us, isn’t it? Mike Johnson Tweeted: “Nice to share a cover with you!” My words, our team’s brand, the trust of new friendships made along the way; in bestowing these honors to us, by recognizing our successes – on both ends – I think it’s fitting to quote Captain Benjamin Sisko:

“No matter what the future holds, no matter how far we travel, a part of us – a very important part – will always remain here, on Deep Space Nine.”

 To Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, Tony Shasteen, Davide Mastrolonardo, Neil Uyetake; to Justin Eisinger, Alonzo Simon, Claudia Chong (for this collection); to IDW Publishing – and, Roberto Orci: Qa’pla! 

If you haven’t read The Q Gambit, you are truly missing out on something special! It’s Q meeting Kirk; it’s time travel; it’s Deep Space Nine; it’s Sisko and Gul Dukat; it’s everything you would expect in a great Star Trek comic book – and, more! Go buy this book!!

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’

Lt. Eric Cone 

(* Davide Mastrolonardo did colors for Chapters 5 & 6.)


2 thoughts on “‘The Q Gambit’ Paid Huge Dividends

  1. While we disagree on the merits of this particular story arc, I can’t help but feel the love and enthusiasm you have for it. I wish I’d love it as much as you do. πŸ™‚

    I find myself wishing that Q could meet the Shatner-portrayed version of Kirk for a face-off. I would’ve loved to see that.

    • True that on the Shatner/Kirk end. However, from the response The Q Gambit has had in the circles I run in, this particular series/arc was well-received and garnered a lot of positive feedback. Indeed, you’re the first person I’ve heard, that’s had anything [close] to negativity, in regards to it. We’ll chalk this up to #IDIC, eh? πŸ––

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