Was It Something I Said? 

I guess, it’s true what [they] say about social media, in so far as causing depression, or causing people to doubt themselves and question their self worth; I’m feeling pretty low, today. It’s one of those days when you’re scrolling through your feed and you see one of your friends touting the praise someone has heaped upon something they’ve done, and it stops you short – again. You think: “WTF?! I had some pretty nice things to say about your work, too! What about the reviews I’ve written about you?” 

You start to question whether your opinion really means anything at all. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me (I’ve been told this, by several people). I know people get wrapped-up in their own lives and, maybe, might miss a post you’ve put up, where you’ve sung their praises. But, come on! To be ignored, over and over and over; you finally think, does it really matter what I say? Does anyone out there truly give a shit if I think they’ve put out a great piece of work? And, if the person I’m saying nice things about doesn’t even acknowledge my existence, well…what the fuck is the point? 

But, I write reviews – it’s what I do, and I try to be pretty fair. Hell, I’ve only written one ‘bad’ review, and even then, I tried my best to find good points about the issue I was reviewing. After a while though, when you see time, and time, again, that your hard efforts are going unnoticed, when do you throw your hands up and say: “Screw it! I’m done!”

Recently, I wrote a great article about a highly-acclaimed author; I was trying to bring interest to his work, and hopefully push some sales for the guy. I got some great feedback from some of his colleagues to add to the piece, putting together (what I thought) was a terrific review about his series. Yes, the piece has sparked interest by new readers, whom thanked me and promised to give the guy’s work a look, or – by old fans, whom’ve said they’d like to revisit the material, as they enjoyed it their first time; but, so far as the author in question, though – not a damn peep! I posted and Tweeted, tagged him in the article, put it out there so he could see…. Nada! Zilch! Not a single thanks, like, share or retweet; no acknowledgement whatsoever.

So, I ask myself: “Was it something I said?” 

I write because I enjoy the hell out of it! I write reviews, because I was asked to do so by my friends, and I’m honored to do it. (It’s given me some priceless rewards, as well.) Do I make mistakes? You bet’cha! And, I have apologized for them, and revised them, when they’ve been brought to my attention. Am I a good writer? I like to think I’m improving, with every word I put out there. I’ve come a long way. Am I fair and balanced in my opinions? Damn right! No matter how bad it is, there’s always something nice to say. And, I do this in my own spare time, free of charge; mainly because I do enjoy it – and, it’s helping me to become a better writer, in the process. But, every once in a while, it’d be nice to hear a “Thank you, bro! That means a lot.”

Now, that I’ve gotten this off of my chest, I’m feeling pretty good. If I write something nice about you in a review or article, and you choose to ignore it, well…I guess, that’s your problem. By the same token, if you put something God awful out here, and it comes to me for review, I’ll have no qualms about tearing your ass apart – resting assured, that it will go ignored, as well.

Thanks, for letting me vent…


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