Behemoth: Chapter 2

 Behemoth: ‘Tooth and Claw’

Publisher: Monkey Brain Comics

Writer: Chris Kipiniak

Cover and Interior Artist: J.K. Woodward

Letters: Jesse Post (of Letter Better)

Release Date: May 27, 2015 

Précis: As Theresa Fowler continues to mutate and hang on to her humanity, the ‘pack’ is put through continuous drills and constant observation. Rayne continues to be a hard ass; especially, when Theresa and Rex begin to exhibit feelings for one another. Tensions within Project Behemoth mount from all sides, as the newly-formed team prepares for their first mission. But the endgame, here, changes everything going forward.

The Story: As with Chapter 1: ‘This Is What You Are’, I’m impressed with the way BEHEMOTH co-creator Chris Kipiniak is moving this new series forward. While, he does bring in new character development with ‘Tooth and Claw,’ he still manages to keep enough mystery in the story to keep readers interested; I’m anxious to find out: 1) how the pack carries out their upcoming mission together, 2) how Theresa and Rex will manage to keep their sanity – as well as survive Rayne’s ‘kill’ order, 3) where their relationship is going and 4) how much of an impact the conclusion will effect the team, as a whole. There’s still the questions of why Behemoth was created, to begin with; who is Rayne and how did he choose these infected members to be in the project;  and, how will he be able to keep his iron-fisted control on the monsters he’s created? 

Young adults will sympathize with Theresa, growing to admire the courage and hope she engenders, in maintaining the humanity still within her heart and soul. And, they’ll pull for her and Rex, too, as their relationship begins to flourish – despite Rayne’s efforts to destroy them. They seem to be shaping up as a formidable pair to be reckoned with. There were a couple of light-hearted moments between them, but I’d like to see a bit more humor thrown in.

My only gripe, deals with Rayne, himself. In Chapter 1, Rayne is introduced as a major, yet his uniform insignia designated him as a four-star general. In Chapter 2, Rayne is greeted as a general (by the research team), but his insignia now ranks him as a major. Which is it going to be? 

As for the art, J.K. Woodward has nailed it, again. And, checkout that cover! Totally cool! This issue is jam-packed with incredible panels; which, in concert with Jesse Post’s lettering, moves the story along fluidly from page to page. But, it’s J.K. who brings these characters to life with his unwavering attention to the details and his undeviating likenesses of the characters he’s created. I especially loved the training drills and fight scenes, and the pack members, individually, or as a whole, are phenomenal! I’m curious to know who Dr. Seligman is based-upon, though; she looks very familiar, to me. 

 Overall: Fantastic second issue! Good story progression and continuing character development; the art is spectacular and my interest remains piqued. If it wasn’t for the ‘major’ gaffe with Rayne’s rank inconsistencies, I’d have given ‘Tooth and Claw’ five stars. As it stands, I’ll go with four. 

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’ 

Lt. Eric Cone 


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