The Returned 


Star Trek: New Frontier – The Returned 

Published by: Pocket Books (eBook format only)

Written by: Peter David

Release Date(s): Part I: July 7, 2015, Part II: August 4, 2015, Part III: September 7, 2015

Well, it’s about damn time! Coming in four years after – leaving fans on the edge of their seats, leaving us awestruck, leaving us to contemplate the fates of Calhoun, Soleta, Necheyev – hell, the Federation, itself – after the events in BLIND MAN’S BLUFF, Peter David brings us the finale in his exclusive Star Trek: New Frontier eBook series THE RETURNED; bringing about the much-anticipated return of Peter David, himself, to the Star Trek genre, as well. For those of you who are not familiar with Star Trek: New Frontierclick here to read my exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block, to learn more about NF‘s creation, it’s unique cast of characters and what’s been going on with the series…

What’s to come, depends on the success of this 3-eBook series; which means – YOU need to BUY them!

And, I highly-recommend that you do…

Peter David doesn’t disappoint. In my opinion, THE RETURNED is his best showing, since RESTORATION. In Part I we get a full-accounting of what is happening with the captain and his crew, while gearing-up for the new threat that is heading towards the Federation. In Part II, Captain Calhoun faces-off with the Dayan; these aliens pose a greater threat than the ones we were going after, to begin with; plus, PAD gives readers a terrific look back at Thallon’s history, as he prepares us for an epic conclusion in Part III. 

With Peter David back at the helm, readers get it all: fun, excitement, action and adventure, suspense, plenty of twists and turns and lots of gut-busting humor, as he pens the Excalibur on a high-stakes mission to unknown territory – a mission that could be its last. 

Captain Calhoun has been left lost, alone and broken, after the genocide of his entire species, (the Xenexians, at the hands of the D’ymurj); now he has to make some of the toughest choices of his life, as he questions his core-beliefs and shattered judgement. But, don’t count our gallant captain out, just yet…

Yes, all of your questions are answered and Peter David doesn’t hold back any punches; with THE RETURNED he has, once-again, proven he is a master of his game and has cemented his place amongst the greatest Star Trek authors of the modern-day. 

The entire cast (plus – numerous surprise guests) have their moments to shine in the spotlight, as Peter David ties-up loose-ends and brings this brilliant story-arc to its phenomenal close – mostly; Moke never returned after Part I and I was expecting another appearance towards the conclusion. Also, Admiral Necheyev is only mentioned in-passing, after… Because of New Frontier, I grew to like the admiral and I would like to have seen some kind of exchange between her and Mac; or, at the very least, an update about her condition. One more thing: I still can’t figure out why there’s an Ambassador class Excalibur on the cover of Part I. (Cover artist Doug Drexler had no idea, why Pocket Books chose to use the image, either.)

That said, if – this is to be the end of the road for New Frontier, then Peter David has sent Captain M’k’n’zy Calhoun, and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur, out in grand TNG style – er, with one exception: I guarantee you, Eppy is not telling Soleta, “You are always welcome,” in the closing act; but – I’ll let you be the judge…

If it is to be the end, then I am totally satisfied! Well-done, Peter David! Bravo! And, thanks…for 17 ‘Awesome’ years of New Frontier memories. It’s been a helluva-ride, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’ 

Lt. Eric Cone 


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